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ThermoSmart G1 controller

A.      Application
ThermoSmart G1 system is used to automate cascading boiler room’s operation that works in a gas station. The main task of the controller is keeping a gas temperature set point after reduction at a certain level. The system can work independently or cooperate with other systems applied in the facility with use of MODBUS RTU standard. Controlling with ThermoSmart G1 system is done locally by means of switches located on the elevation of the cabinet and control panel and/or remotely via SCADA system.
B.      Properties of the system
·         automated work of cascading boiler room in order to keep a gas temperature set point after reduction at a certain level,
·         remote (from SCADA system) or local (by means of switches located on the elevation of the cabinet and control panel) parameterisation and monitoring of particular parameters of ThermoSmart G1 system,
·         communication protocol MODBUS RTU,
·         possibility of adjusting the boilers’ work of cascading boiler room,
·         possibility of adjusting the efficiency of circulation pump(s) in scope of 0-100%,
·         possibility of adjusting the position of mixing valve(s) in scope of 0-100% of opening,
·         possibility of adjusting valves that cut off the supply of heating medium to boilers,
·         the implemented programme adjusts automatically to conditions in the facility (temporary increased flow, atmospheric conditions, etc.),
·         compact casing of a control cabinet is always located on one of the boiler room’s walls or in the controlling and measuring equipment and automatics room,
·         power supply 230V or 24V – selected individually to the needs and requirements.
C.      Technical description
ThermoSmart G1 system provides automatic keep of a gas temperature set point after reduction at a certain level. The program implemented in ThermoSmart controller monitors particular parameters of boiler room’s work (including gas temperature after reduction) in real time and adjusts technological devices of the boiler room in such a way that gas temperature after reduction is kept at the set level. The controller can work with a number of technological devices which enable the execution of the following functions: adjusting the efficiency of a pump in scope of 0-100%, adjusting the opening of mixing valve in scope of 0-100%, controlling valves that cut off boilers, controlling the keep of pressure of heating medium in the system.
D.      ThermoSmart G1 system consists of the following devices:
·         ThermoSmart controller,
·         boilers working in a cascade,
·         mixing valve(s),
·         circulation pump(s),
·         cut-off valves at boilers,
·         PT100 temperature sensors in the boiler room,
·         PT100 temperature sensors in Exd casings in gas part of the station (after gas pressure reduction),
·         gas and heating medium pressure transducers.
E.       Description of operation:
ThermoSmart G1 system has the following work modes:
1.       Automatic work mode
In this work mode the system selects and calculates all work parameters automatically and adjusts the work of system to the prevailing conditions. The user sets the gas temperature after reduction that ought to be kept by ThermoSmart G1 system remotely (from SCADA system) or locally (by means of control panel). ThermoSmart controller monitors all parameters of boiler room’s work, including gas temperature after reduction, in real time. PID regulator implemented in the controller controls technological devices of the boiler room in such a way that temperature’s value set by the user is kept. The work of boilers’ cascade is done through giving priorities to the boilers. The superior boiler (master type) works and strives to keep gas temperature after reduction at the set level, the remaining boilers support its work and they are switched on if there is the demand for larger amount of thermal energy. The user can choose remotely (from SCADA system) or locally (by means of control panel) which boiler is the boiler of master type at a given moment. Moreover, there is a possibility of controlling the length of period during which the boiler ought to work as the master boiler. Having entered the value “number of days” for  the boiler by the user, it will work for the indicated number of days and then the function of the master boiler will be taken over by the boiler of next priority. In case of using many circulation pumps, the same principle was applied.
2.       Manual work mode
In this work mode the user controls the technological devices.
After switching the switches located on the elevation of the cabinet in the position “HAND”, the user takes control over the device and the controller cannot make any decisions concerning the device.
The user set the following switches in the position “HAND”: “Boiler 2” and “Pump 1”. In this case, the controller will still control the remaining devices whose switches are in the position “AUTO”. On the other hand, Boiler 2 will keep the internal temperature that was set on the boiler (see Operation and Maintenance Manual of the boiler), in this case, pump 1 will be switched and will work according to factory settings of the pump (see Operation and Maintenance Manual of the pump).
While setting all switches in the position “HAND”, the user takes full control over technological devices of the boiler room. ThermoSmart controller will only make essential measurements which will be visualised on a control panel and appropriate data will be sent to the dispatching centre. Setting all switches in the position “HAND” is recommended in case of controller’s failure.
F.       Technical parameters of ThermoSmart G system:
1.       Power supply of ThermoSmart G1 system:
·         230V AC +10% - 15%, 50/60Hz
·         24V DC +/- 20%, 50/60Hz
2.       Other data of ThermoSmart G1 system:
Each ThermoSmart controller is equipped with: expansion modules of inputs/outputs (selected individually and customised) and auxiliary memory.
3.       Work temperature: 0oC - +50oC
4.       Storage temperature: -20oC - +60oC
5.       Relative humidity: 10% - 90% at 40°C (without condensation)
6.       Accuracy of temperature regulation: depended on the prevailing conditions in the facility, displayed on a control panel (±0,01 °C).

Each ThermoSmart G1 system can be customised.
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